Already Set Up builds eCommerce websitesA well designed eCommerce website has the potential to attract and retain customers. Building a site around valuable and easily identifiable content is essential to attracting search engines, and building a loyal customer base.

Key elements to any eCommerce website design would be:

Having a consistent, easily identifiable logo is vital.This is your trademark. A recognizable symbol of your brand helps to build trust – building brand loyalty.

Having a clear call-to-action on the homepage, such as “Deal of the Day” or “Winter Sale” will help to drive sales – particularly impulse buys.

Search Field
Intuitive searches that not only display the product being searched for, but similar product options, drives more sales.

Shopping Cart
A shopping cart with an integrated a customer database that stores their information makes for easy future transactions. Providing customers with information such as recent order details to either replicate and order or check on order status, is fundamental. The shopping cart function should also display available inventory in real time to customers. Providing various payment options, alternative shipping address fields, and more, are all part of a positive customer experience.

Clear Customer Service Contact Information
Phone numbers, email addresses, and even an online chat feature are essential to customer inquiries and purchases. Customers value human interaction whenever possible. Making it easy for them to contact your business builds trust, which helps to build a positive reputation.

Providing a useful blog to showcase and discuss the products you sell and what sets them apart, industry trends – even video blogs, provides value by  increasing search engine optimization and website traffic.

Social Media
Social media plugins for  customers to share their recent purchases, chat about your products and provide third-party endorsement, creates invaluable buzz. However, being interactive with these social media threads is essential to maintaining brand loyalty.

Already Set Up specializes in internet marketing and eCommerce website design. If you have an online store that needs remodeling, or would like to build a customized website from the ground-up, give us a call.