Website marketingMarketing Land recently posted an informative blog by columnist Quinn Whissen, “10 Stupidly Simple “Hacks” To Win At Content Marketing.” Quinn offers great tips on content marketing in general, however we particularly liked her #1 tip: Adopt a “Double-Open” Email Marketing Strategy (a concept that stemmed from Noah Kagan of OkDork). Here’s what Quinn (and Noah) suggest:

Adopt A “Double-Open” Email Marketing Strategy

  • Send an email to your list.
  • One week later, put together a list of anyone who didn’t open that email.
  • Resend the email to the list of non-opens and simply change the subject line.

Kagan argues that even if you have a relatively good open rate of 30%-plus, that still means 70% of your list isn’t giving your email the time of day. That could be for many different reasons, but this hack isn’t about finding out why, it’s about getting more eyes on your email.

We also agree with Quinn’s tip #4:

Keep The Journey Alive After Someone Fills Out A Form

Thank You pages — we all know they serve a purpose of delivering a simple message to anyone who fills out a form. But have you thought of really optimizing your Thank You pages as next steps in your lead’s journey to getting to know your brand?

Don’t leave them stranded; use the opportunity to engage them further. Here are some ideas:

  • Build authority with trust signals, awards, and testimonials.
  • Become a trusted source of informationby providing relevant and related content.
  • Move the prospect down the funnel with a limited-time sales offer.
  • Stay top-of-mind and give them an opportunity to connect with you on social.

You can read more of Quinn Whissen’s “10 Stupidly Simple “Hacks” To Win At Content Marketing” to see what other pearls of wisdom she had to share. #stupidlysimple