seo-screenshot-300x255The most popular form of paid internet advertising is Pay Per Click (PPC), pictured in the image. PPC advertisements are brief text ads shown when the “keyword” the advertiser bids on is typed into the search box. You set a bid price and then only pay it when somebody clicks on your ad. You need to carefully select and aggressively bid on the keywords you feel your customers will use when looking for your product or service. There’s lots of competition. Bids are continuous and instant and take place in the background. How much you’re willing to pay per click is the determining factor in how high on the list you ad is placed.

Our agency was the first Google Partner in the North Bay and our AdWords performance is currently ranked in the 95th percentile of all Google Partners world-wide (as reported by Google). Our in-house AdWords experts has built and managed the internet marketing campaigns for many of the largest advertisers in Sonoma County. As Google’s first official Partner in the North Bay, Nathan Smallcomb has placed more than 1 million dollars into AdWords campaigns.

Our process starts by identifying your objectives. We then segment the objectives and build multiple campaigns that reflect our strategy to obtain them. Campaigns are geographically constrained and house multiple ads and keywords that reflect our strategy. We utilize Google analytics to report on and determine the efficacy and success of various keywords, ads and campaigns. Bids, ad copy and geography are updated according to the reported data with the intention of continuously improving your return on investment. Typically on a monthly basis we will report to you and consult you on plans for refinement. This provides you with visibility and strategy for attaining maximum value for your advertising dollar.

If you’re interested in our PPC services, give us a call at (800) 900-8536.