Business man pointing the text: What Is Your Personal Brand?There is a temptation to present ourselves as corporate entities. The web presents a huge amount of competition for local businesses. We feel the pressure of corporations and franchises that pop up next to us in our client’s search results. So it’s no wonder that we want to present ourselves as professionally as our Corporate competitors. Our advice? Suppress the desire to look “corporate” with overly branded content.

Check out the websites for Microsoft, Apple, and Samsung. Their websites are very inviting and friendly. Their branding is very light and their font choices are engaging yet professional. Their terminology is common and simple. These are examples of big corporate entities that are spending tons of dough trying to seem more like you, a local business!

Embrace who you are and the scale of your business. Instead of dark, overly branded pages with complex verbiage, try for open design with a clearly communicated message about who you are and what your products and/or services provide. Humanize your brand to set yourself apart and connect with your target audience. Appeal to their senses and they will become loyal customers.