Already Set Up provides mobile friendly website design services. Connecting with customers on the mobile devices they’re using is incredibly important to your business. It starts with the basics: a mobile friendly website. Nearly 50% of mobile users reported being frustrated when browsing websites that weren’t mobile friendly. Tap into this market and realize fantastic results!

The Big Opportunity

As of 2013, there are over 100 million smartphone users in the USA and this number is expected to grow by another 50 million by 2015. Consider for a moment who carries a smartphone – a more affluent individual with disposable income. Your perfect customer!

Mobile Friendly Website = New Customers

Mobile users aren’t just browsing your website for fun. They arrived there with a purpose: to make a purchase or find your contact information. The fastest path to accommodating these visitors is through a mobile Friendly site. If your site offers a great mobile experience, users are more likely to make a purchase or contact you.

Types Of Mobile Friendly Websites

You have a few options when it comes to mobile friendly websites. If you are using a content management system like WordPress, we can create a custom theme for you. Another option is a dedicated mobile website that intelligently mirrors your current structure. The third option is a responsive design that responds to the size of mobile device and presents the appropriate layout for user’s device. Each option has trade-offs.

WordPress Mobile Theme

A mobile theme will display all of your existing pages and content in an appropriately sized layout that works well on small devices.  Because the layout is custom built, we can tune it exactly to your liking. It’s cost effective to be reuse your existing pages and content twice, but since this process is custom, this process can take a couple weeks to deploy and it is moderately expensive.

 Dedicated Mobile Website

A dedicated mobile website stands alone and is customized separately from your primary website.  Its contents and pages are sourced from your primary website making it quick to deploy but requires more maintenance and separate hosting fees.  Because we utilize already set up layouts, this helps keep the cost down. This is the least costly upfront, fastest to deploy option.

Responsive Design

Responsive design displays your existing pages and content as part of your single, primary design. It should not be approached as an afterthought but rather a core engineering task that is part of the initial layout definition. Responsive design is not limited to a single layout that produces an excellent experience for smartphone users.  A responsive design will look great on your computer, tablet, large smartphone and small smartphone because it can handle multiple different sizes and orientations seamlessly and simultaneously. Responsive design delivers the best experience for the widest audience and is the most costly option and takes the longest to deploy.

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