Premium WordPress Hosting

80% off — because we can!

We trust WP Engine to provide superior WordPress hosting for our clients.

And we couldn’t be happier with their service. Their premium dedicated server clusters are attended to by real humans to ensure the fastest, most stable service possible. Our hosting clients enjoy a little more memory, CPU and bandwidth to keep sites running smooth – even when traffic spikes 400%.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes when you have protected and secure WordPress. Count on WP Engine 24×7/365 to provide continuous security updates and platform updates as needed. If anything goes awry (did you accidentally push the delete key?) you have daily backups offsite ready to be deployed in just 1 click.

Fast. Our servers are designed for extremely heavy traffic – because that’s what you’re hoping for, right? All clients have access to the CDN (Content Delivery Network) which is like Starbucks for your website: it’s located everywhere and it helps you speed things up. Visitors in California, Kalamazoo and Casablanca will all get roaring fast load times at all times of the day.

Strength in numbers: We purchase private server clusters in bulk and then extend (or sublease) this space to our clients – at up to 80% off WP Engine direct pricing. We provide hosting as part of a complete webmaster service as well as provide hosting-only services to specific clients.

When you’re move to a superior WordPress host but want to save up to 80%, give us a call and let’s talk about your needs.