How do you reach niche customers seeking an innovative motion control camera robotic device that helps to capture moving, time-lapsed and stop-motion video? Build an e-commerce website designed around spectacular footage that captures the essence of what your product can do. That’s what Already Set Up has done for eMotimo.

eMotimo needed a website that would not only help to sell their TB3 3-axis motion control robot, but introduce TB3 to countless professional and amateur videographers and photographers, worldwide. It needed to be eye-candy – a platform to demonstrate what the TB3 is capable of – and showcase eMotimo as an industry leader. We were able to design a dynamic, lush website that’s drastically enhanced eMotimo’s SEO, establishing their presence on the Internet.

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Collaborative design, our engineering, our code. Special thanks to Logan for pushing the design to take advantage of BIG graphical payloads. I guess aesthetics are key to a camera robot maker!